Strandwoven™ Flooring Collection

Our Strandwoven™ products come in 2 versions, TIMBER and BAMBOO – both technologically similar in how they are made, but visually different.  The Strandwoven TIMBER™ uses ‘by-product’ poplar wood veneer strands sourced from the furniture manufacturing industry as its’ raw material input, while Strandwoven™ BAMBOO uses thin strands of rapidly renewable bamboo. Both production methodologies involve compressing these strands using a low-VOC adhesive into a densified, highly compressed, and effectively ‘woven’ block.  The resulting milled flooring plank touts over 3.5x the hardness of Oak flooring (making it much less likely to dent), and over 3x Oak’s stability (meaning it expands and contracts 1/3 as much).  If you want a beautiful and exotic looking floor that will last a life-time (and can easily be refinished), our Strandwoven products fit the bill.

Strandwoven TIMBER

Strandwoven BAMBOO