About Us

Sustainable Flooring was established in 2002 to bring truly ‘sustainable’ flooring products to the architectural and design channels. Though created before sustainability was cool (or even really a thing), we have never veered from our mission of offering differentiated products that we deem are ‘double-threat’ in nature.

By ‘double-threat’ (not in a negative context, but a positive one), we mean:

1) more sustainable than traditional competing products, and

2) outperform traditional products.

By adopting this philosophy of product engagement and development, our products maintain ‘value’ to both the sustainably minded folks, but also to the people who disregard environmental purchasing all together. Under our rationale…. a better product is a better product – but, if it is also ‘sustainable’, then it is the best of both worlds.

We have spent the better part of 2 decades on working with innovators focusing on cork, bamboo, and select wood and ‘wood by-product’ materials (inclusive of having a patent on the process to compress wood strands into a densified composite – re: Strandwoven TIMBER).  I would say that our ‘happy’ place is engaging with people (manufacturers and clients alike) that share our same values of quality, sustainability, and authentically doing the right thing.  Knowing that we are contributing in a positive way and in the right direction provides a sense of solace and peace of mind.

And should you have an interest in sustainable materials in non-flooring applications, please check out our sister company, Sustainable Materials (www.sustainablematerials.com), which though is also entrenched in the A&D segment, it focuses largely on vertical/wall innovations. With partnerships throughout Europe, Sustainable Materials has pioneered innovations with cork (molding, color infusion, etc.) to leverage the raw materials unmatched natural/technical merits (acoustic, thermal, etc.), but packaging it in a breadth of products which excel in commercial interior environments.

For flooring and wall products made from both sustainable inputs and made in a sustainable fashion, you need not look much beyond us.

Thanks for your consideration, and most importantly prioritizing ‘sustainability’!

Pete Nichols, President and Founder