CorkCORE - Sardinia - Rendering
Room Scene - PRINT - Endless Wood 1
Room Scene - UNI - Sparkling Color 2 - U008
Room Scene - UNI - Sparkling Grey 1 - U002
CorkCORE - Corsica - Rendering
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Bringing Sustainability Under Your Feet

(with Commercial Durability)

  • Commercial
  • Durable
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable

We bring sustainable global flooring innovations to market. Our ‘double threat’ approach to developing ‘best-in-class’ durability with sustainable manufacturing and sourcing, gives us a unique positioning of focusing on holistically superior products [in an industry historically marred by mis-information, VOC short-comings (mal-aligned focus or greenwashing), and questionable sustainability practices].

Our manufacturing partnerships run deep and are vetted based upon strict environmental and quality considerations. We bring industry leaders and their cutting-edge materials together – in an accessible and easy to manage portfolio of products ……… sustainability first!

ReCover™ Collection

(PVC-free resilient flooring from Vorwerk Germany)

CorkCORE™ Collection

(PVC-free waterproof planks)

Contact us for further information, a representative in your area, or for an overview of how our sustainable flooring options can help you achieve greater sustainability and peace of mind.