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Hightech WOODS: Wide plank without issues. Large format (wide plank and long lengths) wood flooring planks constructed using real wood sawn veneers (single strip) laminated onto a proprietary by-product component ‘Hightech’ core. Through a series of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques that include the fabrication of the core, the bonding of the core to the real wood veneer, a unique finishing system and a proven installation/locking method of the planks, Hightech Woods offer durability and performance never seen in a real wood, wide plank flooring material. Suitable in the most rigorous environments, like corporate offices, hospitality and retail, our Hightech woods provide true beauty overlaid with the durability yet to be seen by other wide plank products. Hightech Woods can be ‘floated’ or glued down, and are available in 10 different options, from a range of Oak hue variations to Walnut and Ash.

Price: $8.45 / sqft

Product is sold by the case.
Each Case Contains:  19.5 sq. ft. (4 planks).

Pricing will reflect the number of cases required  by the amount you specify.

We strongly encourage you to enter an amount that is 15% above what you need to ensure you have enough product for installation after cuts, etc.

Click on the color swatch to make your selection and enter the amount of material you need in square feet and click add to cart.

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