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Densacore BAMBOO: a dual lamination densified bamboo (our Strandwoven BAMBOO) mounted onto a predominantly ground up naturally occurring stone core made of Calcium Carbonate. Not only does the Densacore Bamboo provide the look and feel of our Strandwoven Bamboo (because that is what you are stepping on), you get the added benefit and water resilience of this cutting-edge core material. Though designed for commercial applications where the standard installation method is to glue it down directly to the subfloor, the Densacore is also designed for ‘floating’ installations (more common in residential applications). Available in the Light and Dark versions of Strandwoven BAMBOO, as well as a curated selection of topically stained options.

Price: $7.35 / sqft

Product is sold by the case.
Each Case Contains:  15.45 sq. ft. (12 planks).

Pricing will reflect the number of cases required  by the amount you specify.

We strongly encourage you to enter an amount that is 15% above what you need to ensure you have enough product for installation after cuts, etc.

Click on the color swatch to make your selection and enter the amount of material you need in square feet and click add to cart.

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