Ceramicork™ Plank Flooring from Sustainable Flooring
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Here at Sustainable Flooring and Wall Products...

...we are proud to share with you our cutting edge sustainable innovations, as well as help you find the right product match based on your project goals.

SpecMatcher™ Service

SpecMatcher™ is a product and spec solution for whatever a client or tradesperson may need. Tell us what you want and need, and we’ll provide it for you (or even build it or develop it).

About Sustainable Flooring and Wall Products

Sustainable Flooring is based in Boulder, CO, the heart of sustainable product innovation, and offers many types of environmentally-friendly flooring and walls products, designed to be suitable for any residential or commercial application and installation. On the flooring side of the equation, we carry composite/densified wood, traditional and reclaimed solid and engineered wood, as well as bamboo and cork flooring. In the wall category, we offer many extremely unique products that cover the gamut as far as input materials, from natural and reclaimed wood, to stone veneers, to a multitude of cork options that effectively redefine innovation. Please dig into our product pages to see everything we have that will enhance your living or working environment. We supply our products directly to projects throughout North America, and have done so for 13 years. Our products and service are proven, trusted, and have been accepted by some of the country’s most discerning clients, institutions, and firms.