SpecMatcher™ Service

A service-oriented endeavor by Sustainable Flooring to help shed new light on an old industry…

SpecMatcher™ is a service-oriented effort by Sustainable Flooring that provides products and product quotes for projects specifying flooring materials. Through our decades of combined work in the sustainable and wood flooring markets, we realized there was a need for an honest and factual source of products for projects going out to bid. Being that our focus has always been to understand the flooring industry and its products at a much deeper level than any marketing material will gloss over, we are putting our best “sourcing foot” forward to help your project obtain what it needs at the best possible value. We have a tremendous array of industry partners and with that are utilizing our unique ability to get rid of the slick nonsense and provide honest products, great pricing, and tremendous value.

As you will see on our main products page for Sustainable Flooring, we have a base line of products we feel are unique, “sustainable”, beautiful, extremely well-made, and ready for immediate delivery. With that said, those are not the only products we deal with… This is where SpecMatcher™ comes in.

SpecMatcher™ is a product and spec solution for whatever a client or tradesperson may need. Tell us what you want and need, and we’ll provide it for you (or even build it or develop it). Sourcing, knowledge of the factories, knowledge of the products available, and the ability to get physical samples on a tight time-frame are our fortes and our experienced Guides can walk with you every step of the process to make sure each project’s needs are met and all stakeholders are satisfied. Since the products we work with under SpecMatcher™, by and large, are NOT products we personally inventory, we work with them on a “cost-plus” basis. You pay nothing to inquire and learn about what we can provide, and when you order, you pay a nominal fee on top of what we are charged.

SpecMatcher™ offers an easy, hassle-free way to meet clients’ expectations and precisely fit a product to a project.

Please use these tools below and let us deliver a hassle and worry-free experience:

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