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Infusion™ Wood is a line of acrylic infused commercially suitable engineered wood flooring.   

The Infusion™ Wood is a product line made using a high-tech process wherein, at the cellular level, a liquid acrylic is infused into the open cells of the hardwood, effectively fortifying and hardening the wood fibers, while also increasing the surface’s wear resistance.  Using real, sawn wood, the aesthetic is the same as a traditional wood of the same species, you just get added durability and hardness, lower life-cycle costs, and a product you can literally stand on, and one we stand behind.  Beveled on all sides, and made with a low-finish formulation, natural wood never looked so good.

  • Up to 2.5x the hardness of non-‘infused’ woods
  • 3-4x the wear resistance of standard finished hardwoods
  • Made with “FSC-mixed” sourced material
  • 10-year Commercial warranty

Technical Data


Engineered: 3/8” x 5” x 10”- 48”

Package Quantity

22 sq.ft/box

Edge Detail

Micro-bevel on all sides

Hardness (Janka)
  • Maple(s): 3950 psi janka (1450 is non-‘infused’ janka hardness)
  • Walnut(s): 2400 janka (1010 is non-‘infused’ janka hardness)

Infused wear layer with Aluminum Oxide surface protection finish.

Environmental Compliance
  • CARB II compliant
  • “Mixed FSC” sourced
  • LEED EQ certified (low-emitting materials)

Staple, glue, or float

Infusion™ Wood



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