GYMBOO™ Sport Natural


Maple sports flooring has dominated the market of gymnasium flooring since the 1950’s. In the years following World War II the commercial sector of Maple flooring was declining due to inexpensive vinyl overtaking the scene. To salvage declining sales, Maple flooring manufactures (NMFA) switched to the booming growth in educational gymnasiums which were on the rise with the influx in population. Maple was an ideal material for these schools; durable, light grained, and not prone to warp or separate. With the incorporation of padded sub-floors Maple became the go to material floor for basketball gyms, earning its place as the iconic flooring found in many schools and universities today.

Though it has reached this level of acceptance in the world of sports flooring, Maple has two drawbacks; quality of grade and availability. Maple takes 60-80 years to reach maturity, grown in climates north of the 38th parallel with short growing seasons. Though this facilitates a denser grain, much of the maple wood will not meet the necessary ‘grade’ for use in basketball courts. Knots, torn grain, and discoloration are inherent in Maple trees, with only a percentage of mixed length material usable for the grade A ‘clear’ flooring. The long period of growth, coupled with low yield percentages cause the price of Maple to increase.

In an effort to extend sustainability into the world of sports flooring systems, Sustainable Flooring offers GYMBOO™ Sport. Rapidly renewable bamboo with a proprietary shock absorption system achieves DIN/EN certification for professional and educational athletic facilities in a cost effective package that doesn’t sacrifice in performance.

  • Made with Low-VOC and NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) adhesives – E0 and CARB compliant
  • DIN certified/EN-compliant
  • Knot-free construction equivalent to Clear Grade Maple with no waste related to natural product imperfections
  • Comes in an Unfinished square edge with a prefinished underside to prevent subfloor moisture
  • “Vertical” construction for consistent and equalized hardness
  • Treated with a natural insecticide
  • Shock-pads are 100% recycled, and substrate can be requested as FSC Certified
  • GYMBOO™ available as FSC Certified