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Known as the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo is widely recognized as the ideal rapidly renewable resource for a multitude of industries. Reaching 60 feet in six months in the humid region of South Eastern China, we harvest this grass species plant every 6-7 years when the density is highest. Due to the high moisture content and inherent instability of bamboo, we cut the poles into smaller fibers and kiln dry the strands three times to remove any moisture; eliminating instability in our products. The dried strands are combined with low VOC resins and pressed into a solid timber with final density tested at two and a half times the hardness of Oak.

Sustainable Flooring’s solid Strandwoven® Bamboo has proven the test of time. In a world filled with Strand Bamboo products, it is important to us to provide the highest quality product, from manufacturing to installation and beyond. One of the first importers starting in 2004, we have worked with our manufacturers; continually ensuring our products retain their durability and stability in all climatic conditions. Though strand bamboo is one of the densest materials on the market, periodic refinishing is a necessary part of hardwood floor maintenance, advised every five to ten years depending on use. Sustainable Flooring’s solid Strandwoven® Bamboo is 100% bamboo strand throughout the entire thickness of the plank, ensuring our floors provide a lifetime of refinishing as needed. Available “unfinished” in square edged planks, as well as prefinished, with a micro-beveled profile. All standard accessories including stair treads allow for use throughout your entire floor plan.

  • Extremely hard and stable – two and a half times harder than commonly used Oak
  • Strand size has a maximum diameter of 2mm for superior stability
  • 3-Phase kiln-dried – suitable for North American climates
  • Solid construction – Life cycle savings
  • “FSC” Strandwoven Bamboo material available.
  • Available in prefinished and site finished with a full line of accessories