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Poplar wood scraps sourced as by-product from the furniture manufacturing industry are sorted by color, mixed with low-VOC/EO resin, and then aligned in a press applying 1,800 tons of pressure to the wood strands. The result is a solid timber, over twice as hard as oak, fashioned from used scrap.

Strandwoven® Timber Millwork is Strandwoven® Timber Sunburst Flooring in a panel format for a variety of finishing applications.  Each panel is double sided with a 3mm wear layer of material on a plywood core. Vertical grain is milled from the edge of the timbers, with tight grain in a linear pattern.  Horizontal grain is cut from the face of timbers and will match the aesthetic of Strandwoven® Timber Sunburst flooring.  Countertops, custom cabinets, furniture, and wall paneling are just a few uses for this versatile product.

  • Color/pattern found on surface exists throughout thickness of the wear layer
  • Made with low-VOC, E0-compliant, and NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) glues
  • Extremely hard and stable
  • Two good sides to material so both back and front can be utilized in the project