Muratto wall products are a culmination of over 25 years of product development and innovation with cork. Starting in Europe and now entering the US market, Muratto products are the epitome of natural and sustainable design.

Cork is a sustainable raw material in that it is rapidly renewable. Harvested from the cork oak tree found in Portugal, cork bark is peeled from the tree on a nine year interval without damage to the tree. The peeled bark is primarily used from bottling applications, but what is left is used in the creation of other cork products, like those we offer here. Cork inherently is anti-microbial, resilient, it absorbs sound, and has thermal insulation properties that no other natural material can tout.

Muratto® Organic Blocks™

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The Muratto® Organic Blocks™ are high relief, acoustic dampening, molded decorative cork shapes designed for wall applications. The large volume tiles are available in vibrant colors, made through a ‘mass pigmentation’ process, where the color extends throughout the entire product.

Muratto® Cork Bricks™

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The Muratto® Cork Bricks™ are a rustic yet modern decorative cork wall product that provides visual impact through its dimension, natural texture, and “immersion finishing” color penetration system.

Mimicking metallic, cement and oxidized metal visuals, Muratto® Metalegance™ combines elegance, striking design, and a propriety finishing method, to create a large format, fire-resistant ‘cork’ panel.

The warmth and comfortable look and feel of Muratto® Primecork™ makes it compatible with almost every décor style, from the modern to the very traditional. This natural skin and silky finish, provides a smooth and unobtrusive element, that make wall surfaces both timeless and relevant.

Muratto® Korkstone™ has both shimmer and velvety aspects. The product composition is simultaneously light yet strong. Based upon a combination of handmade and technology upgrades, Muratto® Korkstone™ enlaces both irreverent and luxury aesthetics.