Carbonized Horizontal bamboo

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Sustainability Benefit:

Sustainable Flooring’s Traditional Bamboo is made from rapidly-renewable, ”mature” bamboo culm (husk) that are sourced from a “5-farmer” bamboo cooperative, set up to solely supply Sustainable Flooring’s manufacturer. This cooperative harvests only “mature” bamboo stock that has grown 5-8 years, and then processes this material within 3 days of cutting to ensure color clarity and maximum hardness. The strips of the bamboo are coated in a low-VOC and EO phenolic resin, and laminated into a tongue and groove plank flooring that is solid material throughout with no engineered platform. Bamboo is already one of the most stable “woods” (since it is technically a grass) known and consequently, if acclimated properly, provides product with very little natural expansion and contraction. The color of the Natural is the select range of the “natural” colored bamboo strands and the Carbonized has selected “steamed” (aka Carbonized) bamboo strands.

    Carbonized Horizontal flooring
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  • Hard and extremely stable (> 2.5 x harder than commonly used Oak, with less than ½ of the movement)
  • Life-cycle savings (dents less than softer materials = less maintenance/refinishing = longer lasting)
  • Available in prefinished (micro-bevel w/ NO Aluminum Oxide) and unfinished (square-edged) options, with a full line of accessories (including stair treads)
  • Solid material which means sanding and refinishing is always possible and doesn’t sacrifice anything to “engineered platform” alternatives in terms of stability
  • Moisture content of material when brought in from the factory is suitable for North American market
  • “FSC” Certified Bamboo material available
Technical Data:
  • Dimensions: 5/8” x 3-3/4” x 72” and 36” mix
  • Sq.ft./box: 23.78 sq.ft.
  • HARDNESS: 1600 psi JANKA avg.
  • FINISH: 7 coats of water-based polyurethane (with Aluminum Oxide)
  • LEED Pts:
    • MR 6 (Rapidly Renewable Material)
    • IEQ 4.4 (Low Emitting Material)
  • Also achievable with installation:
    • IEQ 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants)
    • IEQ 4.2 (Low Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings)
  • INSTALL (gen.): Nail/Staple, Glue-down, or Float