Strandwoven BambooStrandwoven TIMBER™

By-product poplar veneer scraps recycled from the furniture industryare compressed into a dense wood composite, providing exceptional hardness, durability, and an exotic look.

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Dredge™ Wood

Our Dredge wood line is “wood with a story” – all products are Old-growth in nature, but recovered from long preservation in some of North America’s most bustling waterways.

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randwoven AspenSpecMatcher™ Service

SPECMATCHER is a service-oriented effort by Sustainable Flooring that provides products and product quotes for projects specifying flooring materials.

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Strandwoven BAMBOO™

Our Strandwoven® Bamboo is low-VOC, extremely durable and stable, and available in prefinished and unfinished options. Strandwoven® is our brand and has proven the test of time, despite many inferior copy-cats.

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Gymboo™ Sports Flooring Gymboo™ Sports Flooring

Gymboo™ Sport is the ideal replacement for traditional Maple sports flooring, as it touts greater stability, a ‘clear’ grade without the upcharge, and provides DIN/EN certification for competitive sports installations.

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An extremely versatile and durable cork mosaic made from 100% recycled, post-industrial wine corks; can be stained any color or left natural; for installation in wet or dry applications, on the wall or floor.

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Cork planks coated with a proprietary “ceramic” finish designed to stand up to the rigors of commercial wear and tear while adding comfort, providing acoustic and thermal insulation, with easy installation and maintenance.

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The LVCork™ series combines the benefits of cork with the durability of vinyl. Cork is prized for its ability to resist topical moisture, provide thermal insulation, deaden sound, and reduce impact on joints when walked upon.

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Textura™ Wall productsTextura™ Wall products

Wood, bamboo fiber, and cork bring dimension and texture to interior surfacing with recycled, reclaimed, and rapidly renewable varieties.

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Strandwoven Millwork™Strandwoven Millwork™

Bamboo and Wood panels in a variety of dimensions for millwork, custom furniture, and interior design applications.

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