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Muratto® Korkstone™ Wall Covering



Korkstone™ has both shimmer and velvety aspects. The product composition is simultaneously light yet strong. Based upon a combination of handmade and technology upgrades, korkstone™ enlaces both irreverent and luxury aesthetics.

Sustainability Story

Made of highly densified, ‘by-product’ cork granules, molded and compressed using a proprietary compression technique, Korkstone takes the density of cork to a place it has never been.  Born with durability in mind, and colors/sheens built for modern design, Korkstone will last.  

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Harvested from bark of Cork Oak trees in Portugal where forests are protected and environmental conditions are optimal for cork growth, the cork effectively self-propagates at a 9 year cycle. The cork itself has tremendous natural properties, a function largely related to the cellular structure of the bark. Pockets of air (200 million cells per cubic inch) inhibit the passage of sound, moisture, or gases, and act as a thermal insulator, trapping body heat underfoot.  The compression used in manufacturing the Korkstone defines durability and longevity, ensuring that it outlasts conventional cork products, as well as being more damage resistant than all other stone, ceramic or porcelain tile products.

  • Provides a ‘3d’ aesthetic
  • Available in numerous metallic and fashion forward colors
  • Extremely densified, wear-resistant and stable
  • Multiple layout options for varied application options

Technical Data

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Dimensions 200mm * 100mm and 100mm * 100mm
(approx. 8”x4” and 4”x4”)

Noise Reduction Coefficient  
Thermal Resistance & Conductivity  
LEED Points  
Installation Adhere with standard urethane adhesive

More Information / Downloads

  • Care and Maintenance Guide
  • CSI Specification
  • Installation Guide
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Residential & Commercial Warranty