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Muratto® Cork Strips Wall Covering

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Muratto® Cork Strips are modern and linear decorative and acoustic cork wall panels that are colored through and an immersion finishing process to ensure the color exists on all side and surfaces of the material - a perfect marriage of form and function.

Sustainability Story

Muratto® Cork Strip are interlocking, seamless, molded cork shapes, that provides a refined sense of linear character and continuity to interior walls. A decorative wall innovation, made from “by-product” cork granules infused with color.

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Muratto® Cork Strips accent interior surfaces with simple, straight, seamless lines that express a subtle sense of texture and dimension. At once modern and organic, this wall décor alternative brings a quiet, understated elegance to rooms, hallways, and grand surfaces.

  • Provides a modern design, while also offering acoustic sound suppression
  • Establishes seamless, sophisticated continuity
  • Pre-finished, immersed and infused with fashionable color
  • Sound softening
  • Lightweight, durable, stable and easy to install

Technical Data

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  All Colors & Styles
  • 3.2mm face ‘lines’
  • 695mm x 395mm x7mm (approx. 27-3/8” x 15-9/16” x 5/16”)
Finish “Immersion” finishing
Noise Reduction Coefficient 30% reduction
Thermal Resistance & Conductivity
  • Resistance: 0.47 m²C/W
  • Conductivity: 0.0488 W/mC
LEED Points
  • MRc6 – Rapidly Renewable Materials
  • MRc4 - Recycled Content - 100% recycled, post-industrial
  • IEQc4.4 – Low Emitting Materials – NAUF

Associated applicable points based on installation:

  • IEQc4.1 – Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants
  • IEQc4.2 – Low Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings
Installation Adhere with water-based contact cement