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Welcome to Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable Flooring is a manufacturing cooperative founded in 2003.

We are committed to offering high quality and unique sustainable flooring, wall and millwork products, throughout North America. We work closely with architects, designers, builders, and of course directly with home-owners, in both new build and existing construction. Our extensive experience and expertise are here for you to access.

Sustainable Flooring has a basic ethical foundation that governs our work and our approach to customer service.  We seek to offer products and solutions that have minimal adverse impact on the environment. We are constantly– it is our passion – striving to bring you better products, while staying faithful to our basic commitment to sustainability. That is why our products are different than, and we believe better than, many others  –  because they are less toxic, or more durable, or because they push the limits of post-industrial content, or simply because they are aesthetically unique, or all of the above.

Thank you for your interest in what we have to offer. We look forward to helping you find a unique and sustainable solution to your individual needs.